CryptGain - The Referral Rewards Program for MultiversX EGLD Delegation/Staking


Hello there! It has been a while since you last heard from us. Although we did not go AWOL, we have a good reason for the silence. We have been working on a product we believe will make staking for validators and delegating for other users much more interesting. Today, we have an MVP deployed on the MultiversX Devnet; the platform we call CryptGain and the MVP can be accessed here:

CryptGain is a Referral Rewards Program (RRP) which will reward participants delegating their cryptocurrency through the StakeAfrik Staking Pool. For example, suppose a user shares CryptGain or StakeAfrik with people they know and they join using the referral link. In that case, both parties can earn the native tokens of CryptGain (cryptgains) and a proportion of the cryptocurrency rewards earned by the staking pool. This RRP effectively allows users to earn more rewards from their crypto holdings.

Calling on Testers

The CryptGain platform is packed with a lot of great features, and many more are in the works. For example, we are currently growing our community and inviting early testers to participate in our incentivized Community Growth Campaign (CGC). The CGC is a strategy we developed to continually reward users who help grow the user base of CryptGain. The CGC will run at intervals each year after the mainnet launch of CryptGain. Before then, we planned two pre-launch CGCs: Public Devnet CGC and Crypt Devnet CGC.

Public Devnet CGC

The CryptGain MVP, which is deployed at, will be used to run the Public Devnet CGC. The smart contracts powering it are deployed on the MultiversX Devnet Chain. This means that all the tokens used and generated will have no value; the only buy from this CGC will be the feedback provided by you as you use the platform and the referrals you invite to test the platform. Hence your requirements for this CGC are to try out the platform and provide us feedback, if any and invite people you know to do the same.

Crypt Devnet CGC

This CGC will occur after the Public Devnet CGC. We plan to deploy the smart contracts on a private MultiversX Chain controlled by StakeAfrik. The people you invited to the Public Devnet CGC will be transferred to the Crypt Devnet CGC; hence your progress will not be lost.


We wrote this article to keep you updated with our ecosystem's events. To stay in touch and ask questions, follow us on Twitter and join our community chat on telegram

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