5 things you stand to gain when you join an Elrond Community


The Elrond Blockchain is the most scalable blockchain platform currently. On it, users can develop decentralised apps and own smart accounts for NFTs. Since it's relatively new blockchain technology, especially for us Africans, it can feel like stepping into murky waters for most people. For instance, it can feel lonely if everyone around you doesn't talk crypto like you do. You may have lots of questions or may wonder if you're doing the right things. That's why you need to join an Elrond community as soon as possible. An Elrond community is a tribe of like-minded blockchain enthusiasts who stake eGold and want to make passive income just like you. In this article, you will learn about what an Elrond community means, the benefits you stand to gain when you join one and how to identify the community that best suits you.

Come on, let's ride together.

What is an Elrond Community?

Today, community life is part of the Crypto and tech world. That's because people thrive in communities. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to belong to a group of people who just want the same things as you do and are working hard to make it happen? That's what community is all about. An Elrond community is no different. In it, different users come together to stake eGold, create smart accounts and build DApps on the Elrond network together. On platforms like Slack, Discord, and Telegram (this is probably the most popular), they share ideas, learn more about the market and offer support to each other. If you'd like to belong to this kind of Elrond community, click here.

Benefits of joining an Elrond Community

There are tons of benefits to joining crypto communities, which include but are not limited to growth, shared information, a sense of belonging and support. Are there any benefits when you join an Elrond community? Let's find out!

Below are 5 things you stand to gain when you join an Elrond community.

1. You never have to stake alone:

Having a group of people to stake with and discuss validators, nodes, epochs and so on can be liberating. You feel like they understand you and you get to share your concerns and fears. Staking in a community is the best feeling in the world. To learn more about staking with us, check out this blog article.

2. You brainstorm with others:

In an Elrond community, you get to meet fellow builders, developers and NFT enthusiasts. When you're stuck on a project or the DApp you're building, you can always brainstorm with a group member and get things going again.

3. You have a sense of belonging:

It's human to want to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Elrond, the internet-scale blockchain, is bigger than all of us. There's nothing cooler than belonging to a community that is committed to bringing the future to us. If you love decentralization and you identify with all the solutions Elrond provides, then an Elrond community will certainly be of great benefit to you.

4. You stay updated with current Elrond news/trends

By joining an Elrond community, you don't have to be on your toes about any live updates to the Elrond tech. Instead of spending valuable time scouring the internet for the latest information, you'll get it delivered to you every day.

5. You find fuel for your vision

It's easy to give up or think that your Dapp won't work when you're alone or speaking about your projects with people who don't understand. With the right community cheering you on, you cannot give up. Rather, you see how you can create your product, launch and scale. Our Elrond community will push you through any phase you are in and give you fuel to keep your vision alive.

Identifying the right Elrond Community

You know you're in the right Elrond Community when,

  1. The admins or creators are well versed in Elrond and what it's all about.
  2. There's mutual respect between the admin and members of the group.
  3. The group often has honest conversations about when the market.
  4. Group members don't try to "force" you to buy/sell when you don't want to.
  5. You feel safe even when you've never met your group members physically.

Closing thoughts

Trading Crypto in Africa is still something most people are trying to come to terms with. Therefore, belonging to a powerful community of talented people is important. There, you will stay updated with the latest trends in the Elrond network, grow your vision and feel connected to something bigger than yourself. Joining Africa's most brilliant Elrond Community and enjoying all the benefits of vibrant culture is done by clicking the StakeAfrik Telegram group link.

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